• Steel scrap
  • Piq iron and ferro alloys
  • Slab , Bloom , Billet
  • Rebar , w-rod , wire
  • Merchant bars ( angles, flats, square, round, T beams, channels, IPN, UPN, IPE, IPE A, IPE AA, IPE AAA, IPE AAAA, UPE, HEA, HEB
  • Hot rolled plates ( HRP)
  • Hot rolled coils and sheets ( HRC, HRS)
  • Cold rolled coils and sheets ( CRC, CRS)
  • Hot dipped galvanized coils ( HDG)
  • Tinplate
  • Tin Free Steel
  • Prepainted steel
  • Electrical steel
  • Tubes, hallow sections
  • Spirally welded pipes

Did you know this?

Steel is an alloy of usually 0.2 to 2.1 % Carbon with Iron.  People most of the time mistakenly refer iron which in fact is steel. During its production , steel is molten  around 1600 degrees C before it is casted into molds.