• Piq iron and ferro alloys
  • Slab , Bloom , Billet
  • Rebar , w-rod , wire
  • Merchant bars ( angles, flats, square, round, T beams, channels, IPN, UPN, IPE, IPE A, IPE AA, IPE AAA, IPE AAAA, UPE, HEA, HEB
  • Hot rolled plates ( HRP)
  • Hot rolled coils and sheets ( HRC, HRS)
  • Cold rolled coils and sheets ( CRC, CRS)
  • Hot dipped galvanized coils ( HDG)
  • Tinplate
  • Tin Free Steel
  • Prepainted steel
  • Electrical steel
  • Tubes, hallow sections
  • Spirally welded pipes
  • Forged steel plates, blocks, flats, rounds

Did you know this?

Turkey has consumed abt 45 million ton steel scrap, out of which 25.07 million ton amounting abt 11.6 billion USD  is imported in 2021. Steel scrap is Turkey’s one of the largest import item.